The Story of Mokuomo

We understand that too much stress can be dangerous. Too much stress can severely affect people’s mental health. Unfortunately, it seems that stress is inevitable in this fast-paced digital world. 

That’s why we are here. Everyone wants to pursue a better quality of life. Mokuomo believes that slow living allows us to appreciate on the beauty of the surroundings and the uniqueness of nature. We aim to find different means to help people to relieve stress and to slow down. That is where we find the true meaning of life.

What does Mokuomo do?

Our vision is to deliver the best stress-relieving products to our customers, helping them to relax and regain a healthy balanced life. We believe that everyone deserves to slow down at the right time and to live better.

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”
― Sydney J. Harris. We need to constantly remind ourselves to take a break and to relax a bit even we are going through a tough busy day.

Slow Living Is A Mindset

Slow living is a mindset. It emphasizes on doing everything with balance and at the right pace. It focuses on doing the right thing at the right time and at the right speed. Mokuomo will be walking beside you to provide everything you need to practice slow living. We craft, polish and strive to offer the most natural and minimalist collection for everyone to practice slow living.

“Slow living is all about creating time and space and energy for the things that matter most to us in life.”

~ Brooke Mcalary ~

The Believe of Mokuomo

Slow living means slowing down, doing less but doing things better. We need to understand when to work and when to rest; when to start and when to stop; when to relax and when to meditate.

Mokuomo believes that every design comes from a story. We aim to bring different designs with slow living concept together. We believe that innovation is one’s design inspiring the others. Through different innovative products, we hope we can help people to relieve stress and to live better.

“Slowing down is sometimes the best way to speed up.”

~ Mike Vance ~

Mokuomo's Collection

Story of Mokuomo

Mokuomo comes from Japanese words “Moku” and “Omo Shiroi”, which means wood and interesting respectively. We appreciate the beauty of different type of woods. So we want to present their beauty in a fun and interesting way. 

Mokuomo's Collection

We believe the best craft is made by hand crafted. Therefore, every piece of Mokuomo product is hand made by our wood smith. We pay attention to the every small details so to deliver the soul and the temperature of the wood.

Mokuomo reuse the unwanted wood furniture to create fun and interesting wood product. We hope to raise the attention to protect our planet, while we can have fun and beautiful, artistic wooden decoration too. 

Mokuomo believes that every design comes from a story. By searching for different wood master from different countries, we aim to bring different designs together since we believe that innovation is one’s design inspiring the others.